In order for Virginia to Prosper, families must prosper.
Families are the Foundation of Freedom

The Purpose of the Constitution

“…secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity,” Liberals say the Constitution is racist, but I am here to tell you that the Constitution was written to protect the freedom of all families. The freedom to raise your family according to your own beliefs without government interference was the dream the Constitution protected.

Progressive Policies Are an Assault on basic freedom

A child cannot get a tattoo, but can decide to undergo gender change surgery. A child cannot go to a rated R movie, but is allowed to get the same graphic material from a school library. Progressive policies make no sense. We protect the best interest of the child when we defend parents’ rights.

The Only Way to Restore and protect Liberty

The only way to defend Liberty is to defend the right of parents to make all the decision for their children. In the House of Delegates, I will fight to pass laws that remove the government as co-parent. The government does not have the right to come between parent and child.

Open Letter to Delegate Reid and Ashburn Voters

Paul K. Lott, Sr.

Every law passed is a limit on freedom. The role of government is to pass as few laws as possible to give maximum freedom to its citizens. Good government must take the time to look back at old laws to make sure they are still relevant and practical.

Conservatism is based on the principle that citizens are to be trusted with their freedom. Unfortunately, the Commonwealth and the Nation are in crisis because too few people understand that families are the best people to decide what is good for them. The role of government is to provide resources and protections that enable families to flourish through their efforts.

I want to return freedom to the people. I want parents to know they make the decisions for their children without government interference. I want lawful gun owners to have the freedom to exercise their constitutional freedom to bear arms. All freedom begins with life. I want to give the unborn all the protections they deserve so they can one day enjoy the freedom to make their way via the fruits of their labor. I want them to have the freedom to live.

I have worked with members of the legislature for years. I have drafted bills at the request of members of the Virginia legislature. I have taken time away from my family and job to go to Richmond to plead the case on a broad range of legislative initiatives. I have traveled throughout Virginia, giving speeches and organizing parents’ rights groups. I am a leader in the fight against Critical Race Theory. I am in this fight and want to fight for you in the Virginia Legislature.

I love this country. I love the Commonwealth. I love my family. I fight for all three.

Warmest Regards,

Paul K. Lott, Sr.

Standing Together

When We Come Together We Can Do Anything

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